Creeslough Hunt 11th Feb 2012

If you are interested in attending this outing, please email me so I can advise the organisers.
Thanks to Rosaleen Harkin for the following;
Details of the route are as follows:
– Horses meet behind the Corncutters Rest Pub in Creeslough. It is a Charity Hunt therefore there will be no hounds.
– 12.30pm Start but it is often nearer 1.00pm before they actually get going.
– Proceed up main street and turn left towards Doe Point.
– Hunt enters Duntally Wood where there is a course of Natural fences set out. (Please note there is no access route to this so at the fork on the road do not turn right towards Duntally, continue left to Umerafad)
– Hunt exits Wood at Umerafad into fields containing jumps and several stone wall jumps.  This can be accessed by going down the Umerafad road approx. 1km. There will be an open gate on the right hand side leading to the field. There is a house direcltly opposite on the left with a blue stone wall (Brennan’s). You should be able to park along the road. (access Point 1 on the map). It will only take about 10 mins for the first horses to reach this area so anyone wishing to photograph it should get there asap. It would be advisable to go down the Umerafad road before the horses in order to get there in time. It will take about 20 mins for all the horses to get through the field.
– Hunt continues on towards Doe Point where there will be a short stop for refreshments – available to all.
– Continues out around Doe Point for more jumping (no proper access for followers).
– Crosses over bay towards Ards (access points 2 & 3). Beach not suitable for cars to cross over. Followers need to go back to Creeslough and go down the Ards Road to catch up with horses on the other side.
– Enters Ards Forest for further jumping. (Access point 4). There are several access points here, however it is too hard to explain on email. The easiest place to access would be between Ards Friary and the Pier, the hunt will be crossing through the fields down there and jumping over any fallen trees. They will also be entering fields on the left hand side of the raod after the pier, where they will be further jumping.
– Head back across the bay towards Magherablade, continue on to Creeslough. It will be about 4pm/4.30pm at this stage.
Please be advised that anyone following/photographing the hunt does so at their own risk. In the event of any accident, injury or any other incident the local organisers, Donegal Harriers Hunt Club & Members and the landowners accept no responsiblilty or liability.
Please be careful not to cross in front of any oncoming horses, and to take caution not to be too close to any of the jumps as some horses may run out at the jump or spook at the camera flash.  If anyone has any queries or wishes to be shown the route in advance they can contact me on 087 7640775.