Abstract Theme Results

Congratulations to all entrants in last months theme ‘Abstract’!

The winner, featured here, with the highest points in the Advanced category, is Damian Callaghan’s “Wine Glasses”.

The joint winners in the Intermediate category are “Forks” by Mary Law and “Reflection of Light” by Mary Rodgers.

The winner of the novice category is “Lakeside” by Dermot Conliffe.


The theme this month is “Movement”. Here is a link for some tips and inspiration:


Portrait Theme Results

Congratulations to everyone who entered December’s Portrait Theme Competition. Some outstanding entries!

The overall winner this month, with his image ‘Best Friends’ featured in this post, is John Soffe.

The winner of the Intermediate category was John Boyle’s ‘Girl’.

The winner of the novice category was Margaret Cunningham’s ‘Smile’ .


All the entries are viewable on Picturk, here:



This month’s theme is Abstract – some very abstract looking entries already! For some ideas and inspiration, check out this link:


Food Theme Results

Thanks to everyone who entered the food theme last month – lots of photos which wouldn’t look out of place in a magazine!

Congratulations to all the winners:

The winner of the novice category was Olatz Goicoechea’s ‘Artistic food market’

The winner of the intermediate category, and overall highest score, was Ann Harkin’s ‘Afternoon tea’, featured in this post.

The winner of the advanced category was Ian Bowcott’s ‘Stealing Time’.


Here is a link to the competition to view all entries:



This months theme is Portrait, here is a link for some inspiration:



Here is a link to the club’s previous ‘People’ theme, which may spark some ideas:


Vintage Fashion Shoot

A couple of the club members, Monika Janus & John Soffe, gave up their Sunday last weekend to host a photoshoot for local vintage clothes shop The White Rabbit Exchange. This was a great opportunity for both to learn how best to work for a real client and to show off their talented photographic skills. The shoot was under the direction of shop owners Barry & Roisin, with Roisin proving to be a talented and beautiful model for her own clothes. Thanks to both John & Monika for the huge effort they made on the day and thanks to the White Rabbit Exchange who have promised to be available for club members for another photo shoot on an upcoming club evening.

Photo of Roisin by Monika Janus
Photo of Roisin by Monika Janus

Stuart Dunlop – Donegal Wildlife

The club had a very interesting guest this evening in Stuart Dunlop. Stuart specialises in Macro photography of wildlife of Donegal and he delivers his presentation with an obvious passion and love for his subject. He explained that he uses photography as a tool to capture wildlife and gave the club a great insight as to how he goes about it. A truly fascinating talk from which the large turn-out all gained something. You can read more about Stuart and his work on his website http://donegal-wildlife.blogspot.ie/

November – Food Photography

This month’s theme is Food Photography. With the talk from Jenni Timony a few weeks back there should be plenty of ideas floating around already, but here are a few links for a little more inspiration:





Here is the link to last year’s food photography competition:


The winner of which was Jerome Keeney, with his image Pizza!, shown here.

Jenni Timony – Food Photograpy

The club had a very enjoyable evening with guest photographer Jenni Timony who introduced us to her work with restaurants in Donegal and further afield. The large turnout heard Jenni gave some great tips and some understanding of the intricacies and work involved in this specialist area of photography. You can view Jenni’s work at foodphotography.ie

The club were also joined by members of the Buncrana photo club who gave a great insight into their club during a very enjoyable discussion. We hope to open up our Guest Photographer evenings to other clubs over the next few months.

Open Theme Results

Congratulations to all entrants of the summer’s Open theme – and in particular to Jim Hyland, the winner in the Advanced category and the overall highest score, with the photo ‘Is there anybody here?’

The winners in the Intermediate category were Monika Mroczko and Sean Spokes, and the winner of the Novice category was Ronan Clarke.

All submissions are viewable in the Picturk gallery, accessible here:
Open Theme Competition

The current theme is Urban Landscape, and runs until the end of the month. Some links providing ideas and inspiration were posted at the beginning of the month and can be found here:
October: Urban Landscape

October: Urban Landscape

The theme for this month’s challenge is Urban Landscape.
To quote TheDPhoto:

By definition, urban is something relating to or concerning with cities, city life, or densely populated areas. Urban landscape photography is usually associated with imagery within contemporary mediums, cities, buildings, streets, subways, and just about anywhere human life exists and lives. It represents and expresses experiences that exist among those areas, and it can sometimes focus more on the patterns or processes of those areas rather than the people.
Urban photography need not be bound by finished buildings or architectural figures, it can also expand to encompass what is to come or what is being brought to life like construction areas and unfinished buildings or facilities.

The featured image shows the winner of our past Urban Landscape theme, ‘Busy City Life’ by Monika Janus. Last year’s Urban Landscape challenge can be viewed here:

Here are a few links to provide some tips and inspiration for this month’s challenge:
Urban Landscape Photography Tips
7 keys for creating stunning urban landscape photography
(More) Urban Landscape Photography Tips

We're Back !

It’s Autumn … and Letterkenny Photographic Club start back for it’s 4th year on the 23rd Sep in the Regional Cultural Centre (RCC), Letterkenny, after a short summer break. A list of very interesting guest speakers, including Peter McCabe, Landscapes , Brendan O’Neill Malahide Photographic Club and Brendan Alexander, Donegal Skies, kept members enthralled during the year. The club also had some great outings including a Landscape workshop with the renowned photographer Andy McInroy and an overnight outing to Arranmore, to shoot the night skies. The club also ran successful monthly themed competitions, hosted on the club’s Picturk website. The winners each month went forward to our extensive Exhibition held over two weeks in the main gallery at the RCC.

This year we already have a full programme planned, including outings, guest photographers and monthly themed competitions. The club plan to run free introduction courses for all beginner photographers who wish to join the club. There will also be a series of tutorials on advanced photographic techniques for the seasoned members. The club meets each Monday evening at the RCC (behind the Grianan theatre) from 7:00 to 9:00. Membership is €30 per annum.

The club host it’s own very active website here and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/letterkenny.foto where all club members get a chance to put their best work on display.

The club is open to all. Anyone interested in joining can come along any evening or contact the club by emailing our PRO Shane at pro.lkfoto@gmail.com or ring Ciaran at 0862072798.